The Orchestra Academy
Identity Design

The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (TOA) Identity Design

At the core of an effective logo design, simplicity is key, allowing for a powerful message to be conveyed through minimalist elements. In this case, the chosen approach was to incorporate a soundwave symbol, universally recognized and reminiscent of the language of music.

To enhance memorability and uniqueness, the brand's abbreviation, "TOA," was integrated into the symbol. This subtle yet significant addition enables the logo to maintain its full name when displayed on diverse social media platforms, while maintaining recognition and distinctiveness. The resulting logo design embodies the essence of simplicity while effectively representing the brand.


The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong, sponsored by Swire Trust under their “TrustTomorrow” funding initiative, is a 3-year joint programme co-presented by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. The Programme, consisting of Fellowship Programme and Young Pro Platform aims at enhancing professional training for Academy graduates and facilitating their career development in the orchestral field.